Musings of my Alter Ego From College Years

It might MEAN something completely MEANINGLESS

Musings of my Alter Ego From College Years
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  • I don’t want you to complain about something you can fix.
  • I enjoy my past, even the bad one, to make me better or worse
  • My memory is a bastard
  • I don’t know how or why I am so sure about something. But I am pretty sure about it!
  • If you love something or someone for no reason at all, then you are truly in love. And the same thing goes for happiness.
  • Do not forget the good people when you have found better ones.
  • Boredom and Addiction are two sides of a see-saw. And when they are at the same level, it’s bliss.
  • For some, getting addicted is easy and for others, getting bored out of it is.
  • Are you happy because I am as sad as you are?
  • I is so happy that I is going to die!
  • I am just a comma when you are an exclamation!
  • Anything that’s real haunts. But most people are terrified because of not knowing what’s real.
  • A great artist is a complete innocent being.
  • Feel what you write and it will be meaningful
  • Don’t try to do it, only then it’ll happen
  • Guru needs a Disciple. I think the reverse is less true.
  • Words should not be used to describe us. We should be good enough to be felt/known
  • A poem in the sky
    With nothing else visible from the eye
    Feels like although flying
    But is empty and stationary all the time.
  • You will become a regret in my life if you will stay in my past.
  • Memory-less remembrance
  • Future of time WILL soon become WAS.
  • Dreams seem true and sound honest. Life, biggest of all.
  • It might MEAN something completely MEANINGLESS