Quorics From my All-Time Favourite Band Switchfoot

These kind of lyrics can only come from a pure heart.

Quorics From my All-Time Favourite Band Switchfoot
Photo by Seth Reese / Unsplash

Underoath was the band whose lyrics made me take up writing in my college days. Their lyrics are just so scintillating and hard-hitting, even if sometimes they do not make any sense to the rational mind. But something resonated deep inside.

Now, I get the same feeling listening to Switchfoot's songs. I mean, it's out of this world. These kinds of lyrics can only come from a pure heart.

Now in addition to meeting Roger Federer, Chris Martin of Coldplay; I have added Jon Foreman to my idols and personalities I wish to (somehow) meet in my lifetime.

So, this edition of Quorics is totally dedicated to Switchfoot!


Listening to this quoric

I want to thrive and not just survive

felt as if the song has been written for me. Listening to such songs makes me want to write something as beautiful as this. Maybe, this is what they call inspiring others.

All I Need

When I was living in the NCT of Delhi a few years ago, I would curse God and plead and ask "Don't I deserve clear and unpolluted air, pure water, and food!"

All I need is the air I breathe

The Hardest Art

There is only one art in this world to learn: Love

Love is the hardest art to learn

Learning how to love and let go is the hardest art to learn.

And I don't even know what love means! Still on the search and songs like these are helping me out.


We are chasing after money like a drug.

Well, it's true for 99% of us, lesser mortals.

I don't have a way out but listening to songs such as this makes me think about it.

The Strength to Let Go

I am lightning and you are the ground

This quoric is open to interpretations but I would like to view it like this:

That no matter how destructive I am sometimes, you are always there to absorb me.