'सैफ़' अंदाज़-ए-बयाँ रंग बदल देता है
वर्ना दुनिया में कोई बात नई बात नहीं।

-सैफ़ुद्दीन सैफ़

If I try to translate it in my own broken way:

O Saif, it's the way you paint your thoughts in words
Otherwise, there is no unique story to tell in this world.

So, this is my earnest attempt to paint my thoughts, feelings, emotions, musings in words that, hopefully, touch your heart.

What I Will Write About

Well, I am on a journey to self-discovery. I think that it is our highest aim in life. To accomplish that I meditate, devour books, read amazing blogs, listen to podcasts, watch awesome content creators on Youtube.

I created this 'webhome' because I want to share this journey of learning, exploring, knowing, with you; without any kind of benefit, monetary or otherwise. The only reward for me will be the community of like-minded people that I will make on my journey to help us know ourselves a bit better!

Somedays I will be writing about myself, my experiences, my takeaways from daily life; sometimes I will be sharing stories, articles, pictures (I love photography as well). But mostly all of it will be at the intersection of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, lessons from everyday life, mental health, etc.

If you want to share anything, feel free to mail me at loveunitesdotin@gmail.com

About Me

No matter how good of a writer you are, when it comes to describing myself I am at loss for words. Still, I will try my best to do it.

I am a curious, spiritual yet fun-loving, ambivert person who loves reading, pondering, writing. Music and Mountains are love. Love exploring places within and without.

No matter where I am, Music makes me feel at home
And mountains are where my soul belongs.

I would call myself a jack of all trades. Some of them are Painting, Singing, Teaching, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Piano, Guitar, Photography, and so on.

I am happy being an amateur in different fields and an expert at none.

I write to make sense of my soul,
I write to make sense of the world.